Opening Hours

  • 總館1樓及3-5樓 (寒假)

    • 週一至週五:8:30 - 16:30
    • 週六及週日:閉館
  • S311閱覽室(寒假)

    • 週一至週日:8:00 - 23:00
  • 2樓自修室及校史館(寒假)

    • 週一至週日:閉館
  • 桃園分館(寒假)

    • 週一至週四:8:30 - 16:30
    • 週五至週日:閉館
  • I Got 英語學習
  • 空中英語教室
  • NBINET圖書聯合目錄


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The Library

About Library

The Library is a seven-story modern building with a basement. The reading rooms, located on the 1st through the 6th floor, contain 598 seats. The services offered by the library include:

The storage of business-related reading materials
The Library sets up a committee and provides purchasing information of business-related reading materials. Currently, the library has more than 170,000 books in Chinese as well as in foreign languages, close to 628 kinds of periodicals, 49 kinds of electronic databases, over 40,000
electronic books, and more than 10,000 electronic periodicals.

Security system
The Library adopts Security System so that faculty and students can bring their bags with them when they enter the library to use various resources.

Complete information system
The Library has plug-on network plugs, and the information searching area provides on–line service.

Automatic system
The Library is equipped with the HyLib automatic system throughout the building and the WebPac Catalogue System, electronic degree thesis system, and remote log-in security certificate system.